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SPEED vs. ACCURACY... Students often ask how to get fast. We advise them to forget fast and concentrate on accuracy at first. They can’t get fast enough to make up for misses, but they can get carried away and have an AD. Speed will come with practice and increased smoothness. Don’t worry about it. Concentrate on mastering the basics. Find a speed that will allow consistent “A” hits at 10 yards. Mentally emphasize smooth hand movement to the weapon, smooth presentation to the target, front sight focus. Gradually increase the speed until your group opens up.

Slow down again until all hits are in an acceptable group. Then move back to 15, 25, and 50 yards and repeat the process for each range. This will give you a sense of the pace needed to get results at various ranges. See the appendix for a set of shooter development exercises. Don’t worry about times until you master safety and smoothness.

If you are forced to practice at a “shoot one - load one” range where drawing is not permitted, practice your presentation from the ready position. It works.

A mastery of bullseye shooting pays off for a practical shooter. Everyone has a different body geometry. Developing a personal shooting style takes research and experimentation. You are searching for what “feels right” for YOU.

Try different ideas and techniques. Get a practice notebook. Write down the exercise, your scores and comments. You can track your progress and improvements.

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